Shopify has a standard field in its orders section called FULFILL BY. This is the date by which I must ship the product from my warehouse. However, this field does not import to Orderhive (I believe this would fall into Orderhive's SHIPPING DUE DATE field). I run multiple stores through Orderhive and prefer to view all orders from Orderhive's dashboard. However, if I can't view the SHIPPING DUE DATE from Orderhive for my Shopify orders, my use of Orderhive is limited.
I've spoken with Orderhive's developers to troubleshoot, but unfortunately Shopify's FULFILL BY date does not appear in Orderhive's RAW ORDER RESPONSE DATA. I reached out to Shopify to request that data be input into the code that is sent to Orderhive, but recommended I contact Orderhive's developers to address this.