One of the biggest missing piece from Financial stand point on Orderhive is the ability to map chart of accounts for individual marketplaces separately. Example, Amazon FBA US, Can, MX, UK, DE, FR, IT, ES, GR, UAE, IN, JP, AU, and Shopify, Etsy, Wholesale, etc. needs to have separate chart of accounts mappings because that is how it has been setup in many of our businesses to provide us a view of how our business is doing in each marketplace.
Orderhive provides only 1 mapping which is very bad.
Please take a look at a2xaccounting and you will see what I am requesting here. A2X takes the settlement report from Amazon from every marketplace and maps them to respective Chart of Accounts in Quickbooks. We have separate Chart of Accounts of Sales for each marketplace and this helps us post to proper Sales account of that marketplace. Same for all other accounts of respective marketplaces.